Other Scripts

Other Scripts Dikiyoba
These are short, Spiderweb-related scripts that other people have written. They are related to the Spiderweb Episodes, but don't effect it in any way.

Return of the Evil Overlord was written just after the conclusion of Episode 1. Trickery in Summoning was written sometime during Episode 2. Undead Valley: The First Tower is based on Archmagus Micael's now-defunct message board and his Blades of Avernum scenario Undead Valley.

Return of the Evil Overlord--By Zeviz

Return of the Evil Overlord--By Zeviz Dikiyoba
A dark figure walks through the piles of bodies littering General forum. In his hands is a small potion of what looks like liquid light.

Dintiradan: It’s good that I had a clone of myself made before these problems started. And I even have some Balm of Life to get my Legion of Terror started again. A good Evil Overlord always comes back. MUAHAHAHA!

Seeing the body of Zephyr Tempest, Dintiradan bends down.

Dintiradan: A mage... He would probably make a good underling. Let’s see how this works.

Dintiradan pours some Balm of Life onto Zephyr Tempest’s well-preserved body and the entire body begins to glow with the same light as the bottle. Soon the body begins to move, opens its eyes and gets up.

Zephyr Tempest: What happened? Where is the ur-noob? Why is everybody dead?

Dintiradan: It doesn’t matter. The main thing is that you are the first member of my new Legion of Terror.

Dintiradan Two: You mean MY new legion of terror.

Dintiradan: Who are you? Another clone? How many more are out there?

Dintiradan Two: You don’t have to worry about others. I’ve destroyed the cloning machinery and now I just have to get rid of you to remain the only Evil Overlord in the world.

Dintiradan Two fires the Ultimate Weapon of Doom at Dintiradan, instantly evaporating him. The bottle with Balm of Life falls to the ground and shatters, with its contents disappearing in a flash of light the moment magical container is broken.

Zephyr Tempest: The Balm of Life! You’ve destroyed it! I will never let your evil take over the world!

Zephyr Tempest casts an Ice Bolt, hitting the Ultimate Weapon of Doom. The resulting explosion kills both Dintiradan Two and Zephyr Tempest himself.

Trickery in Summoning--By Zephyr Tempest

Trickery in Summoning--By Zephyr Tempest Dikiyoba
Ephesos and Zephyr Tempest are alone in the General Forum. Ephesos is enjoying this brief moment to rest, while Zephyr Tempest is practicing a few spells. There is a bright flash of light and a demon appears.

Zephyr Tempest: Oops!

Ephesos leaps to his feet.


The demon is hit by magical energy and destroyed.

Ephesos: Zephyr, you've been summoning demons left and right! How could you expect us all to believe these were accidents?!

Zephyr Tempest: Blindly?

Ephesos: You've been summoning them on purpose, haven't you?!

Zephyr Tempest: *silence*

Ephesos: I knew it! DIVINE RETRIBUTION!

A magical bolt flies from Ephesos' hands and strikes Zephyr Tempest, causing a blinding light. When it clears, Zephyr Tempest stands there, unharmed.

Ephesos: How could that be?! Unless... you're...

The illusion fades and Zephyr Tempest's undead form is revealed. Whether it's the real Zephyr Tempest or not is unknown.

Zephyr Tempest Lich: I cannot have you blabbing on about my current status. BE SILENT!

His hands shoot out towards Ephesos, and Ephesos is suddenly bound and gagged by dark ropes. Ephesos falls to the ground.

Ephesos: *muffled yelling*

Zephyr Tempest Lich: Shush. Stay here... you'll become dead soon enough.

Zephyr Tempest weaves a new illusion of his living self and exits, leaving Ephesos alone in the darkness.

Undead Valley: The First Tower--By Archmagus Micael

Undead Valley: The First Tower--By Archmagus Micael Dikiyoba
Archmagus Micael and Deelanator enter the top floor of the tower at last, after smashing the wall with Move Mountains. They are both seriously annoyed with having to fight the Ruby Skeletons and Living Statues, and want to kill whoever the creatures obey.

Deelanator: I will KILL whoever controls these undead freaks!

Archmagus Micael: Well, whoever it is can't possibly be as bad as what we've just faced. Oh...

Archmagus Micael and Deelanator stare at the scene in front of them. More vahnatai are in this room, but what has grabbed their attention is the purple dragon in the room.

Deelanator: Die, foul fiend!

Barney: Graah!

Deelanator pulls out his Bladesmaster sword and hits the purple dragon. The dragon just bats him aside, leaving him to deal with several very nasty and angry looking Vahanatai Bladesmasters. The Vahnatai Lord just watches.

Archmagus Micael: Hmm. Perhaps I should call for some help. Let's see who's available...

As Archmagus Micael calls for help from his forum, Deelanator finds himself under attack.

Deelanator: These stupid vahnatai won't let me hit them! Stand still, dang you!

As one of the Vahantai Bladesmasters stand still, Deelanator hits it with his Bladesmaster's Sword. The vahnatai dies instantly. The other Vahnatai Bladesmasters continue attacking. The dragon also moves closer. Meanwhile, Archmagus Micael is under attack by more Ruby Skeletons, who appeared out of nowhere.

Archmagus Micael: Repel Spirit! Repel Spirit!

The ruby skeletons just heal themselves. Things are looking very bad.

Deelanator: FSWB! When's that help meant to be coming?!

Archmagus Micael: Repel Spirit! As soon as they can get online. Repel Spirit!

The Ruby Skeletons continue healing themselves. Deelanator is surrounded by the enemy bladesmasters, and is slowly backing up into the skeletons.

Archmagus Micael: Deelanator, you can't stop them all. Let's trade enemies!

Deelanator: Great idea! My Bladesmasters' sword can deal more than 7500 damage per hit. Nothing can stop me!

Deelanator jumps around and attacks the Ruby Skeletons. Archmagus Micael turns his attention to the Vahnatai Bladesmasters, magical energy wreathing out of his hands.

Archmagus Micael: Divine Thud! Firestorm! Divine Thud!

The Vahantai Bladesmasters fall, making squealing sounds as they do so. Deelanator slowly starts to defeat the Ruby Skeletons, even though they continue healing themselves. The purple dragon moves closer to the two adventurers.

Deelanator: This is not right! These things should not be able to survive more than one hit with my sword. Which idiot programmed this?!

Archmagus Micael: Where's Ephesos when you need him? Repel Spirit! Turn Undead! Repel Spirit! Kill! Divine Thud!

The Ruby Skeletons start zapping Archmagus Micael with their heat rays. They continue to heal themselves.

Archmagus Micael: Ouch! Hot! Hot! Ouch! Just die, darn you (again)! Revive All. Wall of Force! Wall of Ice! Wall of Fire! Wall of Blades!

Archmagus Micael's healing spell instantly heals himself and Deelanator. However, the Ruby Skeletons appear to remain unharmed. The purple dragon moves closer but is stopped by Archmagus Micael's barriers.

Deelanator: Got one!

A Ruby Skeleton falls to the ground at last, defeated. The other two continue their attack. Deelanator is injured. Archmagus Micael continues blasting at the Undead but they refuse to fall. Deelanator is injured again.

Archmagus Micael: No one should have to go through this...

Nicothodes enters, her mechanical pencil already drawn.

Nicothodes: What's all the trouble? They're only Ruby Skeletons.

Deelanator: Try killing them then!

Nicothodes: They're already dead! But look!

Nicothodes stabs the closest Ruby Skeleton with her mechanical pencil. The Ruby Skeleton dies.

Deelanator: That's not right. That's just not right. My Bladesmasters' sword is BROKEN. It does insane amounts of damage. You cannot do more damage than it! You just got lucky.

Nicothodes responds by stabbing the last Ruby Skeleton with her mechanical pencil. The Skeleton just looks at her, and then zaps Nicothodes with its heat ray.

Archmagus Micael: Repel Undead!

The last Ruby Skeleton falls. Deelanator and Archmagus Micael run over to where Nicothodes lies dazed. Micael casts a spell and she gets back onto her feet. The Purple Dragon breaks through the last of the magic fields as Glitzglam enters.

Glitzglam: Soz it took so long; I was at Pizza Hut with my family, and then my dad's internet connection is soo slow.

Archmagus Micael: Watch out for Barney!

Glitzglam: What?

Nicothodes: The purple dragon.

Deelanator: When I hit it with my Bladesmasters' Sword, it was barely hurt!

The dragon attacks. Deelanator and Glitzglam drink Invulnerability Elixirs, while Nicothodes and Archmagus Micael cast Avatar.

Deelanator: Hack, slash, I'm invulnerable, you stupid dragon!

Nicothodes: Feel the power of the mechanical pencil!

Archmagus Micael: Protective Circle!

Glitzglam: Shove off - I'm busy!

The combined physical, magical and verbal attacks hurt the dragon ever so slightly. Since the dragon is unable to hurt the defenders, the round starts again.

Archmagus Micael: Well, here we go again...

The Battle goes on into perpetuity. An end is not in sight for any of them (at least without some strong elixir to keep them up through the night).