Return of the Evil Overlord--By Zeviz

Return of the Evil Overlord--By Zeviz Dikiyoba
A dark figure walks through the piles of bodies littering General forum. In his hands is a small potion of what looks like liquid light.

Dintiradan: It’s good that I had a clone of myself made before these problems started. And I even have some Balm of Life to get my Legion of Terror started again. A good Evil Overlord always comes back. MUAHAHAHA!

Seeing the body of Zephyr Tempest, Dintiradan bends down.

Dintiradan: A mage... He would probably make a good underling. Let’s see how this works.

Dintiradan pours some Balm of Life onto Zephyr Tempest’s well-preserved body and the entire body begins to glow with the same light as the bottle. Soon the body begins to move, opens its eyes and gets up.

Zephyr Tempest: What happened? Where is the ur-noob? Why is everybody dead?

Dintiradan: It doesn’t matter. The main thing is that you are the first member of my new Legion of Terror.

Dintiradan Two: You mean MY new legion of terror.

Dintiradan: Who are you? Another clone? How many more are out there?

Dintiradan Two: You don’t have to worry about others. I’ve destroyed the cloning machinery and now I just have to get rid of you to remain the only Evil Overlord in the world.

Dintiradan Two fires the Ultimate Weapon of Doom at Dintiradan, instantly evaporating him. The bottle with Balm of Life falls to the ground and shatters, with its contents disappearing in a flash of light the moment magical container is broken.

Zephyr Tempest: The Balm of Life! You’ve destroyed it! I will never let your evil take over the world!

Zephyr Tempest casts an Ice Bolt, hitting the Ultimate Weapon of Doom. The resulting explosion kills both Dintiradan Two and Zephyr Tempest himself.