Trickery in Summoning--By Zephyr Tempest

Trickery in Summoning--By Zephyr Tempest Dikiyoba
Ephesos and Zephyr Tempest are alone in the General Forum. Ephesos is enjoying this brief moment to rest, while Zephyr Tempest is practicing a few spells. There is a bright flash of light and a demon appears.

Zephyr Tempest: Oops!

Ephesos leaps to his feet.


The demon is hit by magical energy and destroyed.

Ephesos: Zephyr, you've been summoning demons left and right! How could you expect us all to believe these were accidents?!

Zephyr Tempest: Blindly?

Ephesos: You've been summoning them on purpose, haven't you?!

Zephyr Tempest: *silence*

Ephesos: I knew it! DIVINE RETRIBUTION!

A magical bolt flies from Ephesos' hands and strikes Zephyr Tempest, causing a blinding light. When it clears, Zephyr Tempest stands there, unharmed.

Ephesos: How could that be?! Unless... you're...

The illusion fades and Zephyr Tempest's undead form is revealed. Whether it's the real Zephyr Tempest or not is unknown.

Zephyr Tempest Lich: I cannot have you blabbing on about my current status. BE SILENT!

His hands shoot out towards Ephesos, and Ephesos is suddenly bound and gagged by dark ropes. Ephesos falls to the ground.

Ephesos: *muffled yelling*

Zephyr Tempest Lich: Shush. Stay here... you'll become dead soon enough.

Zephyr Tempest weaves a new illusion of his living self and exits, leaving Ephesos alone in the darkness.