Act 3

Act 3 Dikiyoba Sat, 03/31/2007 - 07:35
So far, more revived Spiderwebbers just means more victims...

Scene 1: General Forum

Scene 1: General Forum Dikiyoba Sat, 03/31/2007 - 07:37
The forum is rapidly being put back into order. The bodies of the noobs and the GIFTS are being thrown out of the message board. The only slight problem is that some of the noobs are too stupid to realize that they should be dead. As Nikki drags one of the noobs towards the door, it suddenly bites him.

Nikki: Ow! It bit me!

Nikki lets go of the noob. It jumps up and runs for the door. Ephesos casts repel spirit at it but misses. The noob escapes through the door.

Spring: And don't come back!

Ephesos casts heal on Nikki.

Nikki: Thanks.

Nikki kicks the next noob several times to ensure that it is dead before starting to drag it out the door. Meanwhile, Zorro is waiting for someone to bring him an element. He has revived Marlenny, Dallerdin, and Alec.

Alec: I have returned!

Thuryl: Good for you.

Drakefyre, Zeviz, and Zephyr Tempest have set up a small summoning platform in a cleared area of the forum.

Drakefyre: Now all we need is to pick an element that we're going to try to summon.

Nikki: How about osmium?

Drakefyre: Who has osmium?

Slartucker looks over the list quickly.

Slartucker: Aran.

Drakefyre looks at Zeviz and Zephyr Tempest.

Drakefyre: All right. We'll try to summon some osmium. Are you two ready?

Zephyr Tempest: Ready!

Scene 2: Avernum Trilogy Forum

Scene 2: Avernum Trilogy Forum Dikiyoba Sat, 03/31/2007 - 07:37
The first thing Thralni hears when he regains consciousness is the sound of noisy chewing. He opens his eyes in time to see the juvenile fluffy turtle swallow the last of his sanity.

Thralni: Hay! I wanted to save that!

Thralni stands up and looks over himself. He doesn't appear to be harmed in any way and he can't see the thing anywhere.

Thralni: That's odd. I'm not dead. In fact, I'm not even hurt. What was that thing? What did it want from me? And where did it go?

Thralni thinks for a while but doesn't come up with any answers.

Thralni: Oh well. I have a bar of ten, er, tin now.

As Thralni picks it up, he notices the bar of gold that the juvenile fluffy turtle dropped. He picks that up as well. Then he exits, with the juvenile fluffy turtle following behind.

Scene 3: Miscellaneous Forum

Scene 3: Miscellaneous Forum Dikiyoba Sat, 03/31/2007 - 07:41
The remaining Spiderwebbers sit around the flamefests impatiently.

Student of Trinity: It's been a while since anyone has been revived. What's the hold up?

Delicious Vlish: They had better hurry up and revive us, or I'll have to scramble some brains when I get back.

Arancaytar: I hope that I'm revived next.

Dikiyoba: Dikiyoba thinks that everyone hopes to be the next one revived.

The Lurker: What would happen if someone was forgotten and left down here forever?

*i: No one will be forgotten. Just be patient.

Scene 4: General Forum

Scene 4: General Forum Dikiyoba Sat, 03/31/2007 - 07:42
The General Forum looks almost as it did before the noob attack. The only thing left is the body of the ur-noob. Thralni rushes into the forum with the juvenile fluffy turtle right behind him.

Thralni: I found somme tin and some gold. I aslo picked up a platinum ring the Geneforg Forum!

Thralni hands the three elements to Zorro. Zorro combines the tin with Galactic Core. Snafta is revived. There is a small explosion on the small summoning platform. Drakefyre, Zeviz, and Zephyr Tempest duck out of the way quickly. When the smoke clears, the platform is still empty.

Drakefyre: Well, that wasn't it.

A newb casually wanders into the forum. The juvenile fluffy turtle immediately spots him and chases him around the forum.

Newb: Hey! Stay away from me! Help!

Zorro revives GoldenKing.

GoldenKing: I'm back! And I'm giving up skribbane! This time around, I'm sticking solely with canisters.

Alorael looks smug and sips at a skribbane potion. The newb continues to run around frantically.

Newb: Someone help! There's a fluffy turtle after me!

Archmage Alex grabs the newb and takes his sanity. He feeds it to the juvenile fluffy turtle. Meanwhile, Bomber and Lord Llama are talking together once more.

Bomber: So, anyway, what do you think of this place?

Lord Llama: i think its stuped

Bomber: It's not stupid!

Lord Llama: yes it is

Bomber: Than why are you still here?

Lord Llama: uh...

The thing watches the two of them closely. It already had control over Lord Llama but Bomber's influence kept that control from being complete. But by staying around Lord Llama, Bomber made himself extremely vulnerable to the thing. So the thing would wait for the proper time and place to attack. Meanwhile, Zorro combines Galactic Core with the platinum ring and revives Spy-there.

Spy-there: Wonderful!

GoldenKing: Skribb... no! Canisters! I need a canister! There should be some in the Geneforge Forum.

GoldenKing exits. The thing follows him. There is another small explosion on the summoning platform. Zephyr Tempest stomps out a spark and points at the small chunk of osmium resting on the platform.

Zephyr Tempest: Yes! We did it!

Zephyr Tempest runs the osmium over to Zorro. Zorro combines it with Galactic Core. Arancaytar is revived.

Arancaytar: It's about time!

Drakefyre: Hopefully, summoning the rest of the elements won't be as difficult now that we know how to do it. Which element should we summon next?

Marlenny: Sodium. That's Kelandon's element.

Scene 5: Geneforge Forum

Scene 5: Geneforge Forum Dikiyoba Sat, 03/31/2007 - 07:43
GoldenKing wanders around the forum, searching for a canister. Unlike Thralni, he doesn't realize that he is being stalked by the thing. Finally, he spots a canister.

GoldenKing: Aha! There's one!

GoldenKing runs over to the canister and uses it.

GoldenKing: Ahahahaha! Power! What in the...

GoldenKing finally sees the thing just as it is about to attack him. GoldenKing gets angry.

GoldenKing: Hey! You can't attack me! I'm powerful!

The thing: Klgvfbfq!

GoldenKing: Nooooo!

GoldenKing stumbles backward with his hands over his ears. He staggers dizzily for several moments and then passes out.