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By now, everyone should be expecting this.

Hallelujah! -Nalyd

Uncannily accurate! -Zephyr Tempest

The story is amazingly tense... [t]his is the best good fiction I've read in months, maybe years -The Ratt

It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, like swallowing freshly baked kittens! -Archmage Alex

The author lovingly creates complex caricatures, and then obliterates them. Fantastic! -Salmon

This is... the best episode so far. -The Lurker

[E]xcruciatingly painful... possibly the worst thing I've ever read. -Goldenking

[G]imme the magic already. -Synergy

The Nine-Headed Cave Cow smiles upon thee, Dikiyoba -- for a second time. -Slartucker

Ambiguous. -Arancaytar

[W]e should all leave scriptwriting to the trained professional. -Student of Trinity

Way to be making another one of these Diki. You are mad. -Emperor Tullegolar

I was... confused -Excalibur

I secretly wish I was a nymph. -Jewels

Maybe something good will come of this. -Iffy

Bravo Diki -Andraste

Very nice story, as usual. -Zeviz

[i]t was missing the word "furry". -Nikki