Episode 7: The Next Generation


Spiderweb Software Message Board is under attack yet again, this time by a noob army whose like has not been seen since the Ur-Noob's assault on Spiderweb. The army's commander is oddly chivalrous yet recruited vicious trolls and a mysterious hacker into the army. Can Spiderweb and its satellite board ally, Calamity Refuge, break the siege, or will the noob army finally bring Spiderweb Software Message Board down?

Episode 3: A New Game

It's been two months since the thing was banished from the Spiderweb Software Message Boards. Since then, things have been quiet. A little too quiet. Several people left the boards to recuperate from the recent experiences and never came back. The remaining members haven't said or done anything notable since then. Is there anything that can attract new members and get the old members talking again, or are the boards and everyone on them doomed to fade into obscurity?

Episode 1: Attack of the Noobs


It was a quiet time for the Spiderweb Software Message Boards. Sure, there were a few noobs to put up with now and then, but overall the boards were a peaceful, welcoming place (after one's sanity was left safely at the door, of course). Then the Spiderwebbers learned that an army of noobs was coming to change the course of the boards forever...