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Chapter 10: Good Night, Doom

Chapter 10: Good Night, Doom

Deathwhisker yawned widely and pushed away the book she was reading. "We're not going to find anything tonight."

Fatalclaw sighed. "No, I guess not. You run down and check Google. We'll get Nikki and SoT and meet you in the section on mattresses."

"Right." Deathwhisker left.

It took her nearly an hour to get to the ticket machine. The people in line behind her started complaining after her third search.

"You've had your turn!"

"come on, hury t upp"

"Yeah, we've got to use that machine tonight too, you know."

Deathwhisker finished her fifth search. "All right, it's all yours." She returned to the elevator.

Student of Trinity waved to her as she entered the mattress section. "Over here!"

Deathwhisker grabbed a mattress and started over. All around her, other people were settling down for the night or already asleep.

"Excuse me!" someone said.

Deathwhisker looked around.

"Down here."

She looked at the mattress in confusion.

"Do you mind? I was asleep! Honestly!" it said.

"Er... sorry, I didn't realize you were alive." She let it go.

"Hmmph. Didn't realize I was alive, sure. Get it all the time. No one ever realizes..." It shuffled off.

Deathwhisker grabbed another mattress, checking carefully to make sure it was inanimate this time, and joined the group. A'p'd'r and R'd'r'a were already asleep. Nikki sang quietly to himself.

"No luck?" Fatalclaw asked.


"Well, we'll try again in the morning. Try to sleep now."

"Yes, we have to get up early tomorrow." Student of Trinity set an alarm clock.


"You'll see."


Tyranicus left Ephesos in a bed in the Tech Support Forum.

Nioca yawned. "I'm pretty sure he's just asleep, but I'll stay here just in case. Chatter, you'd better stay here too."

"Okay, but where?

"Oh, anywhere." Nioca settled into a chair.

Chatter wedged himself between two boxes of equipment. "Good night."

"Good night."

A few minutes later, Dintiradan and the Lurker crept through on their way to the Blades of Avernum Forum.


Ecksian flipped EcksianBot back on. "Hello again, EcksianBot."

"Ecksian! What happened? Where are we?"

"The Spiderwebbers found us. We had to retreat."

"Oh. Okay."

"We're at the flamer's headquarters. I know their leader, and he let us in."

"What?! Flamers?! But they're incredibly dangerous!"

"Relax, most of them are... out, at the moment, and the rest won't bother us."

"But how can you be sure?"

"Fine, I'll set some guards at all the entrances to the workshop if it'll make you happy. I need to sleep. You keep watch and wake me if anything goes wrong."


Dintiradan and the Lurker were hard at work on the chair.

"So, who are we going to have test this now that Synergy can learn magic on his own?"

"Oh I don't know, but we'll find someone." Dintiradan yawned. "Luckily, once we're done with the chair, I can do the script more openly."


"No one will look twice at a script called Kill Prize, Win Ogre 2, now will they?"


Marlenny stood back and admired the completed dinghy. Salmon and Drew pushed it into the water. Salmon rowed it around a bit. "Yeah, it's watertight. Load up the supplies."

Once the supplies were loaded and everyone was in, Drew and Jewels rowed over to the travel agency. Salmon sat in the prow with his fishing pole out, fishing while they waited.

"Salmon! Put that away!" Marlenny said.

"Oh, relax. We'll see the boats leaving in plenty of time."

"There!" Drew said.

A cruise ship was leaving the travel agency.

"See?" Salmon reeled in.

Drew and Jewels rowed over until they could read the lettering on the side.

"Nope, looks like it's heading to the Tropical Island."

They rowed back and waited until another cruise ship came along.

"Distant Mountain Cruise! This is it!" Salmon cast at the stern of the ship. The hook caught fast and the dinghy was pulled along after the ship.