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Scene 3: Blades of Avernum

Scene 3: Blades of Avernum

The Spiderwebbers are still fighting off the noobs, but it is clear that they are exhausted. On the eastern hill, Arancaytar and Delicious Vlish struggle to prevent the Spiderwebbers under their command from being overrun.

Arancaytar: dXs! Infernal666hate! Keep those noobs from circling behind us!

Infernal666hate kills a noob with Demonslayer and looks around.

Infernal666hate: Aran! There's a large group of noobs coming up from this side of the hill!

Led by the 1337 h4x0r, a large group of noobs charges up the far side of the hill.

Arancaytar: Quick! We must keep them from surrounding us!

Arancaytar leads some Spiderwebbers towards the oncoming noobs. dXs attacks the 1337 h4x0r, but he is so tired that he slips and falls. He rolls to one side as the 1337 h4x0r's battle-axe comes down. The axe crashes into the ground. Arancaytar stabs the 1337 h4x0r as dXs gets to his feet.

Delicious Vlish: We can't keep this up any longer, Arancaytar! We must retreat!

Delicious Vlish casts terror on a large group of noobs, The terrified noobs run around tripping and trampling other noobs.

Arancaytar: You lead this group to the Geneforge Forum. I'll tell Kelandon to retreat.

Arancaytar runs towards the western hill. He climbs onto a low rock and yells up at those on the hill.

Arancaytar: Kelandon! Kelandon!

Slartucker appears at the edge of the hill.

Slartucker: I can hear you! What do you want?

Arancaytar: Have Kelandon call the retreat!

Slartucker: Will do!

Slartucker disappears. Arancaytar stabs a noob and then rejoins the retreating group from the east hill. Slartucker shoots his last arrow and then finds Kelandon.

Slartucker: Kelandon! Arancaytar's called the retreat!

Kelandon: We can't retreat yet!

Slartucker: If we don't retreat now, we'll be overrun!

Kelandon: Alright, alright. Your right, I suppose. Retreat! Retreat!

The Spiderwebbers run from the western hill towards the exit. In the confusion, the Lurker and Wanderer are separated from the rest. They are forced to retreat in the opposite direction of the exit. From a small hill, four figures watch the retreat.

Head noobventurer: It would have been much easier to complete our task if we had slipped past the Spiderwebbers before the retreat. Now we're going to have to fight our way through the Geneforge Forum.

The noobventurer priest is kneeling on the ground while picking herbs.

Noobventurer priest: Oh well. We've been in tighter situations before.

Noobventurer archer: What are you doing, anyway?

Noobventurer priest: I'm picking herbs that I can make into poison potions. I figure it will be better to weaken the administrators before we openly attack them.

The noobventurer mage points up at the mountainous area.

Noobventurer mage: Ooh, look! A large, creepy, abandoned mining town. Let's go explore it!

Head noobventurer: Good idea!

The noobventurer party trudges up into the mountains towards the city. Just a short distance away, Wanderer and the Lurker are walking away from the noob army and talking.

Wanderer: Well, it looks like we're going to be here for a while.

The Lurker: Yeah. There's no way we can get to the exit. What should we do now, though?

Wanderer points up at the mountainous area.

Wanderer: There's an abandoned city up there. We'd probably be safer there than anywhere else.

The Lurker: Sounds good to me. Let's go.

The Lurker and Wanderer hike towards the city. From the top of a tower, Dintiradan watches both groups approaching through binoculars. Dintiradan has successfully made the transition from an Evil Overlord Wannabe to a Mildly Evil Overlord. He sets down the binoculars and rubs his hands together in glee.

Dintiradan: Good, good. This should be interesting.