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What fans, critics, and the unsuspecting (mostly the unsuspecting) have to say about Spiderweb: Attack of the Noobs...

DIE! --Arancaytar

...I can truly say that it is inspired and amusing. Kudos. --FBM

It's almost as if the author is implying that established members of the community can do anything to influence the direction taken by the community... --Jumpin' Salmon

Great... it has some very nice touches. I like how you take things from the members' usernames and personality to create these things. It adds to the story. --Thralni

Big fat points are not as effective as slender ones... it is a fine piece of dramatic writing... --Saunders

You need help... seriously, your script sucks. --Ed

If anyone needed any more evidence that Dikiyoba has lost [Dikiyoba's] mind, then here it is. --Lazarus.

Wow! That was great. I laughed, I cried, I died... --Jewels

I think that the Spiderwebbers are much stronger than the script shows them as. --GoldenKing

Yay! --Inthrall

Cracking stuff, Dikiyoba... amazingly funny. Almost on a par with Alex's cartoons... am I really that whiney? Is that how you really spell "whiney?" --Nikki's hilarious. I love it. --The Lurker

I find it quite hilarious. --Lord Grimm

Yes, I am in favor. What are we talking about? --Kelandon

It's intoxicating I tell you! --Slartucker

I GOT SOME LINES! --Wonko the Sane

I love this... all hail the prophet! Wait... it's not the prophecy? Our prayers were for naught? --Ephesos

Most enjoyable. More please! --Archmage Alex

Dibs on being the one buried by the comic gravedigger. --Dallerdin

For the record, I had no idea of some of the connotations of "boi" before now. --Croikle

I have got to get a better line in the reviews section. --Infernal666hate

...nice story. --Zeviz

Very... cumbersome. --Spring

I can't wait to read more! --Zephyr Tempest

Nyaaah! --Alorael

...what's a reaperdisk? --Dintiradan