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Scene 7: Avernum Trilogy Forum

Scene 7: Avernum Trilogy Forum

Thralni enters with the thing still following him closely. He takes several steps and then stops and looks around. The thing quickly hides itself.

Thralni: Hello? Is someone following me?

The thing says and does nothing. Thralni looks around once more and then continues on, still feeling watched and searching for a bar of tin. The thing continues to follow him, waiting for the right moment to strike. Finally, Thralni spots a bar of tin lying on the ground. He rushes over to it. In his elation, he forgets that he is being followed. The thing a attacks.

Thralni: Finally! A bar of... what the!

Thralni sees the thing a moment before it hits him--the thing that has consumed more newbs than Arctic Wolf; the thing that holds sway over most noobs; the thing that annoys and confuses most oldbies constantly; the thing that terrifies and enrages English teachers and linguists everywhere; the thing who exists in many variations but none quite so terrifying and loathsome as the form that stands before Thralni; the thing whose only goals are death, destruction, and dohesae fhosad xrazxar! But Thralni doesn't realize any of this. All he realizes is that he is staring at the most utterly incomprehensible and unintelligible thing that has ever existed. He starts to yell but the thing grabs him by the throat. Thralni promptly blacks out. The thing emits a hideous laugh.