Episode 2: Return of the Spiderwebbers

The Spiderwebbers lost the war. And yet, there is still hope for the Spiderweb Software Message Boards. It may be possible to bring them all back. Unfortunately, the Spiderwebbers must also face another menacing foe in order to reclaim the boards...

Episode 2 was written between April 2006 and August 2006 after the thread leading to Periodic Table of Elements made reviving everyone possible. Sometimes, I felt that it suffered from having too many names to keep track of, despite having only a few more appearances than Episode 1.

Disclaimer: All characters and places are completely from the Spiderweb Software Message Boards. Any resemblance to fictional characters or places is completely coincidental. However, the events in this script are fictional and should not be taken as history or prophecy. They are here for entertainment purposes only.