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Scene 2: Avernum Trilogy Forum

Scene 2: Avernum Trilogy Forum

The first thing Thralni hears when he regains consciousness is the sound of noisy chewing. He opens his eyes in time to see the juvenile fluffy turtle swallow the last of his sanity.

Thralni: Hay! I wanted to save that!

Thralni stands up and looks over himself. He doesn't appear to be harmed in any way and he can't see the thing anywhere.

Thralni: That's odd. I'm not dead. In fact, I'm not even hurt. What was that thing? What did it want from me? And where did it go?

Thralni thinks for a while but doesn't come up with any answers.

Thralni: Oh well. I have a bar of ten, er, tin now.

As Thralni picks it up, he notices the bar of gold that the juvenile fluffy turtle dropped. He picks that up as well. Then he exits, with the juvenile fluffy turtle following behind.