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Scene 5: Geneforge Forum

Scene 5: Geneforge Forum

GoldenKing wanders around the forum, searching for a canister. Unlike Thralni, he doesn't realize that he is being stalked by the thing. Finally, he spots a canister.

GoldenKing: Aha! There's one!

GoldenKing runs over to the canister and uses it.

GoldenKing: Ahahahaha! Power! What in the...

GoldenKing finally sees the thing just as it is about to attack him. GoldenKing gets angry.

GoldenKing: Hey! You can't attack me! I'm powerful!

The thing: Klgvfbfq!

GoldenKing: Nooooo!

GoldenKing stumbles backward with his hands over his ears. He staggers dizzily for several moments and then passes out.