Scene 5: Tech Support Forum

*i has the Tech Support Forum under quarantine while there is still the possibility of the thing being present. Schrodinger is guarding the General Forum exit while Ephesos is guarding the Announcement Forum exit. *i is attempting to learn as much about the thing as possible from Stew Boy, but it is difficult. Stew Boy can't remember much and he doesn't want to talk about what he can remember. To cap it off, Stew Boy's spelling and grammar is so bad he can barely be understood.

*i: How did the thing manage to possess you?

Stew Boy: i... i dont no goldnking wuz posesed adn he mad me pas out

*i: Do you remember anything after that?

Stew Boy: no not rely

Meanwhile, Zephyr Tempest is gleefully describing to Alorael all the un-Aloraelan activities he had engaged in while under the influence of the skribban.

Zephyr Tempest: ...and you actually said that pedestrians deserved protection.

Alorael: I don't believe you.

Zephyr Tempest: No, really. You even wrote a letter about it.

Zephyr Tempest waves the letter in Alorael's face.

Zephyr Tempest: And you signed it "Aloreal." See?

Alorael: Give me that!

Alorael snatches the letter and rips it up. Zephyr Tempest grins.

Zephyr Tempest: Do you want to hear about what happened to your sniper rifle?

Alorael: Not from you!

Alorael looks around.

Alorael: Where is my skribbane?

Zephyr Tempest: Ooh! I'll expl... ow!

Wonko the Sane stomps on Zephyr Tempest's foot.

Wonko the Sane: No, I'll explain.

MagmaDragoon: As explain I'll well.

Wonko the Sane and MagmaDragoon quickly describe to Alorael the thing and the havoc it is causing on the message board.

Wonko the Sane: the thing is able to possess people...

MagmaDragoon: And Boy like GoldenKing Stew.

Wonko the Sane: ...and can use them to attack other people.

MagmaDragoon: Archmagus and like Micael Zeviz.

MagmaDragoon points at Zeviz and Archmagus Micael. A moment later, Zeviz and Archmagus Micael wake up.

Zeviz: What happened?

Archmagus Micael: wat no fiar y isnt their anything rong with u?

Zeviz: Well, I zuppoze that... ah. That'z what the thing did.

Archmagus Micael: tahts not fiar look how badly i spek

Drew: At least the thing didn't possess you.

Archmagus Micael thinks for a moment.

Archmagus Micael: ur rite but its stil not fiar!!1

*i finishes questioning Stew Boy.

*i: Okay, that's all. Unless you can think of anything else?

Stew Boy: no tahts all wiat... theirs one mor thing the giftcs

*i: What about the GIFTCs?

Stew Boy: wen we met them they siad taht hunting down teh thing wuznt teh way 2 dfeet it

*i: Clearly. So how did the GIFTCs say we should defeat the thing?

Stew Boy: they didnt

*i: That doesn't help us any.

Stew Boy: u could cal teh other group in

*i: Now, how could I do that without sending another group out?

Stew Boy: o yea

*i sighs.

*i: Okay, everyone, roll call.

Shaun Waun: Why?

*i: So that I can make sure that the thing hasn't possessed anyone else. Stew Boy?

Stew Boy: hear

*i: Niemand?

Niemand: Here.

*i: Smoo?

Smoo: Here.

*i: Zeviz?

Zeviz: Prezent.

*i: Wonko the Sane?

Wonko the Sane: Here.

*i: FBM?

FBM: Here.

*i: Shaun Waun?

Shaun Waun: Here.

*i: Ephesos?

Ephesos: Right here.

*i: Dikiyoba?

Dikiyoba: Diaoueoyiueaa is here.

*i: Rakshasi?

Rakshasi: Here.

*i: BainIhrno?

BainIhrno: Here.

*i: Drew?

Drew: Present.

*i: Zephyr Tempest?

Zephyr Tempest: Here.

*i: Schrodinger?

Schrodinger: Here.

*i: Wanderer?

Wanderer: Here.

*i: Zorro?

Zorro doesn't even bother to look up from his game.

Zorro: Quit distracting me!

*i: Toenail?

Toenail: Here.

*i: Alorael?

Alorael: Here.

*i: MagmaDragoon?

MagmaDragoon: Am here I.

*i: Redstart?

Redstart: Here.

*i: Archmagus Micael?

Archmagus Micael: hear

*i: Randomizer?

GoldenKing bursts into the forum with Drakefyre right behind him. Everyone scatters to get out of their way.

Drakefyre: *i! Stop him!

Before *i can do anything, Randomizer hits him with a spray acid spell.

Randomizer: Hgytrjdh!

Everyone momentarily freezes, allowing GoldenKing and Randomizer to escape into the General Forum. Ephesos casts a curing and a healing spell on *i, though *i wasn't much affected by Randomizer's spell. Drakefyre and *i chase after Randomizer and GoldenKing. Alorael and Schrodinger follow. Wanderer thinks for a moment.

Wanderer: I think I'll wander after them and see what happens.

Wanderer exits. Ephesos hesitates.

Ephesos: Bah. Someone is going to get hurt, I can already tell.

Ephesos exits.