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What fans, critics, and the unsuspecting (mostly the unsuspecting, though they are beginning to catch on) have to say about Spiderweb: Return of the Spiderwebbers.

Xylgham udwlnit skretcko!1!! --Jumpin' Salmon

Priceless. --Arancaytar

...I find your lack of Legions of Terror disturbing. --Dintiradan

Dikiyoba: you are a talented writer. Really. --MagmaDragoon

This I gotta see. --Student of Trinity

Good was that. --Spring

Inspired insanity. --Mr. Bookworm

It's not a fun experience. The story... never ends. As a result, I am up for d[y]ing again. --Fatman

This cracks me up... fanfic this good deserves its own BOA scenario... it's Dikilicious. --Lazarus

I understand that your flawed self cannot hope to capture my masculinity nor charm, and so I forgive you for omitting them. --Rakshasi

I'm both amused and disgusted... employ more monkey authors! --Nikki

Horrible and extremely dull... I feel genuinely embarrassed at the moment. --Thralni

I'm at a loss for words. --Randomizer

I am a big fan of inhaling helium. --WKS

It's pretty decent. It's not quite as good as A Storm of Swords, but it's still good. --Tyranicus

This entire script was nothing more than the unnessecary sequel to a what was already a godawful pile of horse manure... to merely look at it is a transcendant experience that no person can be complete without. --Dallerdin

Sounds fishy. --Major

You need to throw in a cheesy developing romance. --Mysterious Man

Urp. That's really all there is to say. --Ephesos

Yay, a sequel! All hail the mighty Dikiyoba! --The Lurker

When does this stop sucking? --Terror's Martyr

Expect me not to watch or to much care. --Alec

Let's just hope there will not also be 3 prequels. --Zeviz

Hail Dikiyoba. --Snafta

Yay, spam! --Dareva

The Nine-Headed Cave Cow smiles upon thee, Dikiyoba! --Slartucker

A clever and amusing look at the Boards and online forums overall. The characterization and storytelling skill are leaps ahead of its predecessor. But... WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE THE KITCHEN??? --Lord Grimm