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What fans, critics, people who just want to get a line in the review section, and perhaps an unsuspecting person or two have to say about Spiderweb: A New Game.

These are the legends of our people. -Student of Trinity

Kitties are adorable! -Zephyr Tempest

Yay! Prose! The crickets approve. -Ephesos

I must admit I was impressed... I for one enjoy being a two-dimensional character... you have me pegged. -Emperor Tullegolar

To spam! -Tyranicus

HERETIC!!!!! -Infernal666hate

Snakes are good eating. -Jewels

Snakes? Bah. STEAKS! -Slartucker

You need to crazy it up a little bit. -Jumpin' Salmon

Yay! The drama continues... I'm going to be famous! Or will I die first? -Andraste

I dress like that loser Harry Potter. -Arancaytar

Last night my dreams included a machine that rats came out of. -Archmage Alex

Bad acting... over-usage of CGI effects... cool lightsaber battles? -Demonslayer

Disregard. -Thuryl

Such shlock. This is an offense to all that is good, right and decent in the world. -Fatman

Oh my...! -Stareye

. -VCH

I like the new format and so far the story... this is getting funnier all the time. -Randomizer

I must flirt with Aran! -Riibu

Another sequel? I love those funny scripts about one of the best communities ever... -MagmaDragoon

Waiting oh so anxiously for the next part... I don't want Beethoven's Fifth to be cued. -Nioca

[Nalyd] reveres Spiderweb Software! -Nalyd

Being Dintiradan's sidekick rocks. -The Lurker

If you want to have the luxury of a sedative when I take over the board and kill everyone, I suggest you call me 'Supreme Omnipotent Master Whose Superior Intellect And Blindingly Good Looks Inspire Awe In All Those Around'. -Dintiradan

The Silent Assassin is offended by being type-cast as a being of random wanton destruction. -Lenar

I demand the inclusion of some kind of ethereal vegetable... -Nikki

I would be honored to be reincarnated as a chicken. -Thralni

It's not my business or inclination to say anything about such things. -Rakshasi

Frankly, I'd rather not know what a radioactive enema feels like. Ack. -Nemesis

Our side expresses agreement in principle with the spirit of your proposal and is willing to coordinate a time and place to schedule a meeting to discuss an agenda for the preliminary talks about the feasibility of a successful spam disarmament conference. -Zeviz

I haven't read a word of this. -Kelandon