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Summary of Episodes 4 and 5

Summary of Episodes 4 and 5

Summary of Episode 4:

A stranger who calls himself Ecksian arrives in the neighborhood of Spiderweb. He wants to destroy Spiderweb as revenge for being banned a very long time ago. With him is a bot he calls EcksianBot and several attack bots. He finds a place to hide out and begins creating more attack bots.

At Spiderweb, Zeviz and Randomizer foil Zephyr Tempest's latest attempt to summon monsters. In the process, Randomizer loses his ability to cast spells. Afterwards, the moderators put Ephesos, Lazarus, and Niemand in charge of creating a Blades of Avernum script that will remove Zephyr Tempest's ability to cast summoning spells. Unfortunately, Dintiradan and the Lurker find out about the script and plan to create a similar one of their own. Ephesos and Lazarus leave Spiderweb to ask Terror's Martyr for help with the script.

Zephyr Tempest's summons also kill a Giant Intelligent Friendly Talking Roach nymph named Sewage Spotter. Filth Finder, Garbage Gatherer, and the surviving nymphs leave Spiderweb to search for a safer place to live. They encounter Ecksian in their search but escape safely. A nymph named Grime Grubber convinces Filth Finder that the two of them should return to Spiderweb to warn everyone about Ecksian. They run into Ephesos and Lazarus. Ecksian's bots find them and kill everyone but Filth Finder and Ephesos' crickets. Filth Finder rejoins the rest of his family.

The crickets return to Spiderweb and find Jewels. Unfortunately, there is no way to revive Ephesos because Zeviz left Spiderweb to search for a cure to Randomizer's inability to cast magic. She puts a group together to look for him. Meanwhile, Ecksian kills Zeviz.

Ecksian and EcksianBot break into Ermarian next and steal information on Spiderweb and its members. They kill PiperBot, EndeavorBot, and Arancaytar in the process.

Jewels' group encounters a group of giant rats. Their leader is named Attorukkip. They are searching for Ecksian. They explain that after their defeat at Spiderweb, they reformed and started a message board of their own. They called it Bots Aplenty and worked on creating a model of bot that could defend message boards from attack. Ecksian broke into Bots Aplenty, killed one of their researchers, and stole the plans for the bots. The rats also encounter the GIFTR and the three groups temporarily join together.

EcksianBot encounters one of the rats and freaks out. Ecksian shuts him down and sends his bots after the three groups. The GIFTR and a rat named Think escape to Bots Aplenty. Everyone else is killed.

Slartucker revives Tyranicus but transforms him into a bull that can't talk in the process. Andraste manages to get a hold of some copper and has Zorro revive Ephesos. Ephesos alerts everyone to Ecksian. A much larger group sets out to stop Ecksian. Ecksian escapes through Google. The Spiderwebbers head back to Spiderweb to prepare for his return. Arancaytar disappears from the Miscellaneous Forum and cannot be revived. The other Spiderwebbers, the rats, and Grime Grubber are resurrected. Emperor Tullegolar arrives and begins plotting.


Summary of Episode 5:

Ecksian repairs PiperBot and finds sanctuary at the message board of the flamers. Their leader, Eternal Flame, agrees to attack Bots Aplenty and then help Ecksian attack Spiderweb. PiperBot freaks out upon learning that the flamers have pyroroamers and has to be repaired again. Ecksian and Eternal Flame convince PiperBot that the rats are evil and must be destroyed. He agrees to help attack Bots Aplenty.

Student of Trinity and Nikki leave Spiderweb to search for Ecksian. They go to Bots Aplenty with Grime Grubber and Attorukkip's group. Along the way, they are attacked by 1337 h4x0rs. Some of the 1337 h4x0rs escape.

The administrator of Bots Aplenty, *****, discovers evidence that implicates the moderator Garzad as a traitor who helped Ecksian break in and steal the plans. Garzad is arrested and Danielle is appointed moderator in his place. Grime Grubber is reunited with the rest of his family. Garbage Gatherer leaves to check on a message board called Bugtopia.

Back at Spiderweb, Niemand's script is finished and used on Zephyr Tempest so he no longer knows any summoning spells. Randomizer discovers that an odd reaction to Zeviz's antimagic spell gave him an innate antimagic ability and that is why he can no longer cast normal spells. Ephesos attempts to transform Tyranicus back into a human with the divine restoration spell. Tyranicus regains the ability to talk but remains a bull. Ephesos is left severely weakened. A Giant Intelligent Friendly Talking Chitrach named Chatter arrives. Drew, Iffy, and several other Spiderwebbers head to the Kingdom of Loathing. Their goal is to bring back barbed-wire fencing from Crystal Mountain.

When the flamers attack Bots Aplenty, the rats and GIFTR family evacuate. Most of the rats head for Spiderweb. Garzad is freed and goes with them. The GIFTR go to Bugtopia. Student of Trinity and Nikki rescue PiperBot. They learn that Ecksian performed some sort of necromancy that transferred Arancaytar's soul to PiperBot. The flamers return to their message board. The 1337 h4x0rs that attacked Student of Trinity's group earlier return with some yetis. They capture the few surviving rats left in the area.

The rats arrive at Spiderweb and decide they will stay and help defend it against Ecksian's attack. Student of Trinity and a few rats go out to search for Ecksian again. Emperor Tullegolar gets the Mystic banned. Attorukkip, Ephesos, and Dikiyoba leave Spiderweb to resurrect the rats who were killed by the flamers. They are captured and taken to a mine on Crystal Mountain.

The mine is run by a mage named Duwithia and a ninja named Coleridge. They capture people to work as slaves and use anti-magic spells to keep them under control. Toby-Linn and the Ratt are slaves there as well. Iffy gets separated from the Kingdom of Loathing group and frees the slaves. Duwithia and Coleridge escape. The Kingdom of Loathing group returns to Spiderweb with barbed-wire while the slaves head to the Mage Guild to remove the anti-magic spell.

Meanwhile, Bugtopia is caught in a civil war. Garbage Gatherer is captured. Filth Finder leaves the nymphs at a satellite forum. He sneaks into Bugtopia and rescues Garbage Gatherer. He is helped by Chrrcht and several other bugs who plan to ask Jeff for help in settling the dispute. Garbage Gatherer, Filth Finder, and the nymphs settle at the satellite forum. Chrrcht's group heads to Spiderweb.

Chatter and the crickets leave Spiderweb to look for Ephesos. Spiderwebbers create traps and barriers all around Spiderweb. Dintiradan finishes his script and gets Danielle on his side. Drakefyre meets with Chrrcht's group and leaves Spiderweb permanently for Bugtopia. Student of Trinity finds Ecksian making the final preparations for the attack on Spiderweb.