Scene 2: Tech Support Forum

Everyone is simply standing around. No one wants to enter the General Forum while GoldenKing and Randomizer are there, but no one is comfortable with doing nothing. Tyranicus, Nikki, Sir David, the Silent Assassin, and Lord Grimm enter.

Tyranicus: So, what are you all doing?

Tyranicus: So, what are you all doing?

Zeviz: That'z what we're trying to decide.

Dikiyoba: Dnjkba thinks that perhaps someone could come up with a plan to get rid of the thing.

FBM laughs.

FBM: How could we do that?

Niemand: Well, I bet I could develop a script that would somehow trap or destroy the thing.

Rakshasi: Is that your solution to everything?

Niemand: Pretty much.

Zephyr Tempest: I know! We'll summon a demon!

Wonko the Sane: Are you trying to get yourself killed?

Zephyr Tempest: Nonsense. Demon summoning is perfectly safe with the proper controls.

Wonko the Sane: No, I meant that I'd kill you if you tried to summon a demon.

Zephyr Tempest: Fine. Demon summoning is out.

Zephyr Tempest sits down and sulks.

Toenail: What if we threw the thing into the fluffy turtle pit?

Nikki: Or if we called up Stughalf and had his ferrets eat the thing?

Tyranicus: How come you can remember Stughalf and his ferrets but you can't remember my name? Heck, I bet you can't even remember your name.

Tyranicus: How come you can remember Stughalf and his ferrets but you can't remember my name? Heck, I bet you can't even remember your name.

Nikki turns to Dikiyoba.

Nikki: (Whispers.) Quick, what's his name again?

Dikiyoba: Tyranicus.

Nikki: (Whispers.) Okay, thanks. And what's my name?

Dikiyoba: Nikki.

Nikki: (Whispers.) Thanks again.

Nikki turns back to Tyranicus.

Nikki: I don't know. I just sort of remember Stughalf and his ferrets. I don't know why.

Zephyr Tempest: Hey! I have an idea.

FBM: Oh, no. Not another one.

Zephyr Tempest: It's a better one this time. We'll revive the ur-noob!

Toenail: What!

Zeviz: No!

Rakshasi: You have an interesting definition of the word "better."

Drew: How is reviving the ur-noob going to help anything?

Zephyr Tempest: Well, the ur-noob speaks almost normally and is really powerful. The thing will surely want to possess it. But since the thing is so powerful, it will take all the thing's effort to possess it. Randomizer and GoldenKing will be freed. Then we can kill the ur-noob and, in doing so, we will kill the thing.

Nikki: What's the ur-noob?

FBM: You know, some ideas are so stupid they stand a slight chance of actually succeeding.

Zephyr Tempest: And this is one of them?

Rakshasi: No. Your idea is so stupid it has absolutely no chance of succeeding.

Zephyr Tempest: Oh, come on. What do we have to lose?

Tyranicus: Our lives.

Tyranicus: Our lives.

Smoo: Besides, it wouldn't work. There's only two ways to revive someone. First, you'd need an element for the ur-noob and get Zorro to combine it with Galactic Core. I guarantee that's not going to happen. Second, you'd need a balm of life potion and get Ephesos to cast return life. That's even less likely to happen.

Drew: Besides, the ur-noob was so powerful we could hardly damage it. It was practically luck that we killed it last time. How are we supposed to kill it this time?

Zephyr Tempest: But the ur-noob will be weak right after being revived and if we all attack it at once, it will be easy.

Rakshasi: It's still a bad idea. Don't even think about it.

Niemand: I think we should take another look at the scripting option.

The discussion heats up again. In the confusion, no one notices Zephyr Tempest slip into the General Forum.

Smoo: ...we'd have to get the other scripters in on it as well.

Niemand: Hopefully, not too many of them have been attacked by the thing.

Nikki: Hey, where did that one demon-obsessed guy go?

Everyone stops talking and looks around.

Tyranicus: Oh great.

Tyranicus: Oh great.

Wonko the Sane: Dikiyoba, Zephyr Tempest didn't steal any herbs, did he?

Dikiyoba: No, Dzxewbha doesn't think so.

Zeviz: What about that zecond copy of Galactic Core, Zorro?

Zorro is absorbed in his game.

Zorro: Ha! Take that! Oh. What did you just say?

Zeviz: Do you ztill have your other copy of Galactic Core?

Zorro searches for it.

Zorro: No, I can't find it.

Zeviz: Which meanz that Zephyr Tempezt muzt have it.

Rakshasi: Now this is a disaster.

Nikki: What is?

Lord Grimm checks to make sure that his reaperdisks are still safe and close to hand.